What is ALGE SDK?

The ALGE OpenGL ES SDK enables you to develop applications for several platforms in a unified development environment. It contains a cross platform framework that accelerates development and porting process of OpenGL ES applications using automation.

A toolset is required that liberates you from specifics and let you do what you need to do, i.e develop your application with a goal focus. The ALGE framework enables you to concentrate on your app idea with minimum platform specific distractions. You write vanilla code and comply to unified API that allows you to calls instructions that are platform specific in a unified manner. OpenGL ES 1.1 is chosen for R1 to enable you to reach a wider audience

ALGE SDK is not just a set of tools but also comes with recommended development process that follows guidelines formed over years of proven working concepts that are by nature simple yet efficient. Your each App becomes a baseline for your next idea. Your codebase remains vanilla and thus easily portable across platforms.

When development becomes independent of end platform, your development cycle becomes straightforward, simple, fast, thin and productive. It also liberates you from dependency on a particular OS or particular tool. With R1 Release you will be able to develop OpenGL ES 1.1 Applications for iPhone, Android, Win32, OSX and PlayBook.

Currently, R1 release can generate PlayBook, Android and iPhone Apps with sandboxing on your your favaourite development station. On Mac you can use XCode and/ or also use Microsoft Visual Studio IDE’s on PC.

We believe that development requires openness, therefore upon licensing you get full package source and documentation and you have full tweaking ability. If u are using the demo version the AL icon needs to be used and cannot commercialize your application. The full licensed version can be used without any restrictions. also maintains a Facebook Page for AlgeSDK


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