Select a BaseLine App.

Create a Copy of BaseLine App Folder and rename it to your Appname, use underscores instead of spaces.

Connect your Device

Correctly Point Candidate App by editing CANDIDATE.h

If using Visual Studio Open Platforms/Alge-Win32/ALGE.sln

If using xCode Open Platforms/Alge-iPhone/ALGE.xcodeproj

For Android run script ./build-android <packagename> <AppFolder> <version>

Rename your Project


Place all your assets (57×57 icon.png, .alx, .tga, .wav, .mp3, .bullet etc) in Apps/AppName/Data Folder

Drag and drop App’s Data Folder (Apps/AppName/Data) and All used Extension(s) (e.g  Extensions/bullet) to Project Root using System File Manager

Thats It !!

Build, Debug, Test, Run, Deploy, Sign, Publish as per Platform’s SDK Recommendations


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