1. ALGE SDK allows you to debug native OpenGL android apps in XCodeWed Apr 06 2011 11:59:09 (Pakistan Standard Time) via TweetCaster
  2. ALGE SDK allows you to develop iPhone Apps on WindowsWed Apr 06 2011 11:58:02 (Pakistan Standard Time) via TweetCaster
  3. ALGE SDK has easy to use font mechanismWed Apr 06 2011 11:52:53 (Pakistan Standard Time) via TweetCaster
  4. ALGE SDK developers get full source nothing hidden in binaries under NDAWed Apr 06 2011 11:50:56 (Pakistan Standard Time) via TweetCaster
  5. ALGE SDK the core concept of algesdk is decoupling and automation of platform specificsWed Apr 06 2011 11:49:25 (Pakistan Standard Time) via TweetCaster
  6. ALGE SDK is designed to provide you raw Accelerometer values every single frameTue Apr 05 2011 00:35:42 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  7. ALGE SDK incorporates ResourceManager to import ALX and COLLADA AssetsTue Apr 05 2011 00:32:18 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  8. ALGE SDK incorporates Blender3D export toolsTue Apr 05 2011 00:31:09 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  9. ALGE SDK uses simplistic ALX format for importing 3D assetsTue Apr 05 2011 00:30:47 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  10. ALGE SDK web will incorporate ALDERLINE portal which will allow you to race against time by competing against other developersTue Apr 05 2011 00:28:03 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  11. ALGE SDK lets you feel the Alderline Rush again that bloated tools hijacked years backTue Apr 05 2011 00:26:17 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  12. ALGE SDK internals follow AMDD (Agile Model Driven Development) ConceptsTue Apr 05 2011 00:24:49 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  13. ALGE SDK allows you to write your app in Visual Studio and port, sign, upload and run your app on android without ever firing up EclipseTue Apr 05 2011 00:23:47 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  14. ALGE SDK wont wrap any functions, native calls remain exposed and naive, GL10.glDrawXX can never beat glDrawXXTue Apr 05 2011 00:22:02 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  15. ALGE SDK offers raw native performance, no virtual machines or interpreters, its a thin framework that encourages you to taste vanillaTue Apr 05 2011 00:19:04 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  16. ALGE SDK has integral PayPal in-app purchase supportTue Apr 05 2011 00:16:20 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  17. ALGE SDK R1 caps — Develop iPhone Android 3D Apps in Visual Studio, Porting Process… via @youtubeTue Apr 05 2011 00:05:07 (Pakistan Standard Time) via Tweet Button
  18. ALGE SDK — Bullet Physics on iPhone and Android , using Visual Studio Compile by AL… via @youtubeTue Apr 05 2011 00:04:12 (Pakistan Standard Time) via Tweet Button
  19. ALGE SDK makers provide Lifetime developer supportTue Apr 05 2011 00:02:48 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  20. ALGE SDK asks Do you Hire specialized people to port ? Just Forget it !!Tue Apr 05 2011 00:02:30 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  21. ALGE SDK has User prompts (message box and toast), Display Andoid like Toast on iPhone and iPhone Like Popup on AndroidTue Apr 05 2011 00:01:47 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  22. ALGE SDK has Sound support, multiple soundsMon Apr 04 2011 23:58:33 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  23. ALGE SDK has inline Accelormeter support, you wont have to write any code to set it upMon Apr 04 2011 23:58:00 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  24. ALGE SDK allows you to Use supreme visual studio debugging featuresMon Apr 04 2011 23:57:40 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  25. ALGE SDK broadens your reach to customer baseMon Apr 04 2011 23:56:56 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  26. ALGE SDK docs include Step by step kickstart tutorialsMon Apr 04 2011 23:56:31 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  27. ALGE SDK enables a entree to write and run Hello world to multiple platforms in matter of minuteMon Apr 04 2011 23:56:10 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  28. ALGE SDK includes decent baseline demosMon Apr 04 2011 23:55:37 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  29. ALGE SDK allows you to Develop using the best ide : MS visual studio or XCodeMon Apr 04 2011 23:55:13 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  30. ALGE SDK has integral Admob supportMon Apr 04 2011 23:54:45 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  31. ALGE SDK offers Painless porting using scriptsMon Apr 04 2011 23:54:28 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  32. ALGE SDK incorporates Bullet 3d integral support for realistic gamingMon Apr 04 2011 23:54:09 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  33. ALGE SDK supports vanilla extensions, addons or xtras whatever you may call itMon Apr 04 2011 23:53:50 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  34. ALGE SDK testing is supplimented by both Simulators and real devicesMon Apr 04 2011 23:53:13 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  35. ALGE SDK relieves you of porting nightmaresMon Apr 04 2011 23:52:42 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  36. ALGE SDK is Reasonably costedMon Apr 04 2011 23:52:20 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  37. ALGE SDK has no Platform specific bloatsMon Apr 04 2011 23:52:01 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  38. ALGE SDK has Low implementation burdenMon Apr 04 2011 23:51:46 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  39. ALGE SDK ES1.1 allows you to reach Broader market using ES1.1Mon Apr 04 2011 23:51:35 (Pakistan Standard Time) via web
  40. ALGE SDK enables Fastest debug build run test turnaround12:50 AM Apr 5th via web
  41. ALGE SDK enables you to quickly Think, plan, implement, test, sign, deploy and get Paid12:50 AM Apr 5th via web
  42. ALGE SDK enables you to quickly Think, plan, implement, test, demonstate12:49 AM Apr 5th via web
  43. ALGE SDK enables you to Quickly demonstare your opengl abilities12:49 AM Apr 5th via web
  44. ALGE SDK says Dont let your tools drag your ideas12:48 AM Apr 5th via web
  45. ALGE SDK lets you Taste Vanilla again12:48 AM Apr 5th via web
  46. ALGE SDK Perfect for newbies and experienced12:47 AM Apr 5th via web
  47. ALGE SDK tagline ‘throw away useless tools’12:47 AM Apr 5th via web
  48. ALGE SDK liberate your ideas12:47 AM Apr 5th via web
  49. AGLE SDK Enables you to Release One demo a day, one app a week, Period

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