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AlgeMacOS-Ada Platform Based Application : PlanetsAda

Improved Rewrite of ‘3D Solar System Planets’ in Ada Language

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 9.15.31 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-26 at 9.15.48 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-26 at 9.16.10 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-26 at 9.16.25 PM

Would be available on MacApp Store w.e.f 15th Apr 2017 !!!

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AlgeSDK Ada Support is Real Now !!

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HOWTO – Install and Setup Eclipse IDE In Loop for Android Porting

1) Download and Install Eclipse Helios in your Applications Folder

2) Run Eclipse and Setup your sandbox (workspace) if prompted. (Link Install ADT Developer Tools).

3) Launch Window >> Android SDK and AVD Manager, If u Get ‘Location of android sdk has not been setup in the prefrences’ message. Set up SDK Path in >>Eclipse>>Preferences..> Android>>SDK Location, Refresh and Install requisite archives (May take a while)

3) In Eclipse IDE, Do File > Import… >> General >> Existing Project into workspace >> Next >> Check Select Root Directory >> Browse to ALGE-Rx.yyyy/Platforms/Alge-Android >> Finish

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HOWTO – Porting Procedure for Android without IDE (on Mac)

1) Connect your Android Development Device on USB port, Check ‘USB Debugging connected’ Notification is displayed in Android notification area.
2) On Mac Fire Up Terminal and
cd to ALGE-Rx.yyyy/Platforms/Alge-Android

3) Compile Syntax:-
./build-android package folder version
To compile Lesson03
./build-android com.mydomain.lesson03 Lesson03 1

R1 supports only integer version numbers (no decimals)

4) The Script will stop at Signing Step asking you the Passphrase for keystore: press ENTER

5) The App will be packaged, a copy will be placed in Packages Folder

6) Time to check App on Device, Unlock your Development Android Device and look for installed app ‘Lesson03’ wil AL Default icon

Thats It !!!!, Here is what you should See:-

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Intel AppUp Integration – Howto

Step 1 – Obtain Your App’s Production GUID from Intel’s Portal

e.g GUID is in the form of four long variables

Step 2 – Edit APPUP.h file of your ALGE Solution in Visual Studio and paste your GUID in the first define directive APPUPGUID


Step 3 – Build and Run (Prerequisites are Intel AppUp’s IDE Tools). The ALGE framework would use this production GUID for realease configuration and will use standard Dev GUID in debug configuration.

That’s All

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ALGE SDK – Cross Platform App Development for Mobile Platforms


Develop and Debug iPhone and Android GL Apps in Visual Studio

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